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For athletes that want to leave a great first impression. Upgrade your networking with a single tap to share contact details the professional way.

The Digital Hockey Card

*No App Needed.

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One Card, Three Powerful Modes

Included with all cards. Switch between modes, depending on the situation. Meet up and share your contact details or switch to landing page mode to share your game video, statistics, school transcripts and more! 

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Business Card

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Landing Page

Link to any URL


Share your contact details and links to all your social media channels

Your own personal landing page, customizable with the Highlight package add-ons.

Send people straight to any website, download link or game video.

Card Features

Highlight's Digital Hockey Card allows you to share more than just your contact details.


Quickly provide scouts, coaches, and recruiters with your in-depth 
Highlight Video Analysis and Development Plan.

Highlight Video


Social Media

Share all your social media accounts with a single tap to stay connected on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and etc. 



Maximize your exposure by making sure every goal, assist, hit, block, and steal are uploaded to your YouTube Highlight Reel.

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Locker Token

Show of your "Locker" and allow your contacts to browse your unique NFT collection.


Elite Prospects

Showcase your season-by-season stats by connecting your Elite Prospects page.


Link Any Website

Scouting reports, transcripts, coach testimonials, news articles, or anything that you want to have seen can be linked to your Digital Card.

Card Options

All cards are fully customizable. Upload your personal image, select a design, and get the look and feel to match your style.



For our players looking to compete

at the highest level. 


The Modern card design draws on the speed, agility and skill required to excel at the highest level of the sport. These are three pillars of the modern hockey star – it's what keeps the game competitive.



For our players looking to keep things classy, with a present-day twist.


The Traditional Card design was inspired by the way the game of hockey has evolved, while aiming to empower the next generation of players to continue to grow the game.



For our players who look to the past, to shape the game’s future.


The Retro Card design was inspired by the rich history of the game of hockey, paying homage to those that helped grow the game to what it is today. For those that admire "old-school hockey".

How to get your card

1. Select your

After clicking the button, select your design and upload your image.

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2. Register to
create an account 

In order to get your information and get your card design, you will need to register on our website.

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3. Review Design 

Review the digital print proof and provide feedback. After your approval we will print and ship your card.